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​Time until the October 27th, 2017 exam


Passing the Civil Engineering PE Exam is no small feat, but you know you need to do it.  It is the mark of a professional.  

In fact, the National Society of Professional Engineers cites that you can make much more than your unlicensed friends.   Pretty sweet!  Will that happen immediately?  Probably not, but you are much more marketable and the pay will come.  The key is to get it.  It is an absolute must! 


It's  all answered here and more!  Whether you are just starting out, you've been burned by taking the test before, or you just need help, this is the place to be to get a complete review of the entire breadth portion of the PE exam.  Yep, start to finish.

Here's what you will be getting as soon as you enroll:  

 10 Complete Theory Modules

Yes, you'll get 10 complete modules that cover all 8 topics found on the civil PE breadth exam administered by the NCEES organization, a great intro module to get you going and a final conclusion - all updated to meet the NEW April 2015 specification.  We dive into each subcategory too, so you get complete coverage from start to finish.  Now, that's a lot of info, but it's exactly what you need to pass!  No extra fluff.

Tons of Video Practice Problems

This course will take you by the hand to help navigate you through a ton of video practice problems for every topic.  There are currently over 150 video example problems found within the lectures and as stand-alone problems with more continually added.  They are built with the same look, feel, and difficult of the actual exam so that we can ensure you crush the test in proper fashion.  Any new and updated content or problems are free - it's basically a library of problems that keeps on growing.  Sweet! 

Easy to Follow References

Let's be honest here.  You've already purchased the massive Civil Engineering Reference Manual by Michael Lindeburg, and  if you haven't, then don't worry - we will point you in the right direction with all the material that you need to get you going.  Because we know that the Civil Engineering Reference Manual is the most used tool in the industry, we know you want references to it - so, we reference everything that we can out of that book to make it easy for you to follow along.  So go ahead, mark the heck out of it.

Accessible Anywhere 

You're a busy person - I get it and I've been there.  Now you can study at your own pace whenever you want.  No more being tied to a classroom to take a course.  Everything is comprised of video based lectures and video solved problems.  Take it with you anywhere your device is.  Study on the bus, the train, at work, your house, anywhere you have access to the internet and anytime you can squeeze in a couple of practice problems.  

Power of Community

Have a question that needs to be answered?  No problem.  Want to celebrate the good news of passing?  Excellent!  As part of this amazing course you will gain access to a private Facebook group that will be there to help you with questions, support you in your struggles and celebrate your victories.  Your instructor and his team will be there too, so you never feel left behind.  We are here to support each other to pass this test.  Check out some great examples below!

Certificate of Completion

Need a certificate of completion for tuition reimbursement or just for personal achievement and satisfaction?  We have you covered.  After successfully completing the course, turn in the recommended homework with one practice exam and we will issue you a certificate of completion!  Be proud of what you accomplished or maybe you just need to get reimbursed by your employer, either way, it's a great accomplishment!


You know that listening and watching isn't everything you need to do to pass.  You need to practice problems on your own.  That's why as an added bonus you will be receiving a 40-question breadth exam as part of the course.  In addition, we will be setting your feet to the fire by assigning you recommended homework from our Ultimate Homework Planner that works in conjunction with the CERM practice problems.  Don't study every problem in the book.  Let us help you find what is most important. 


If you purchase the Ultimate Package (1 year of access) you will receive two 40-question breadth exams with a bonus of 20 additional theory questions to make sure you can hit this test out of the ball park (do not underestimate how many theory questions there are on the exam)!  We want you to succeed, and getting these tests in is what will set you apart.  You must work life-like practice exams to pass. ​


This course was exactly what I need to prepare and pass the PE exam.  It goes over everything step by step to help anyone pass.  I couldn't recommend it enough.  

Prakash Karna, P.E.

The Ultimate Civil PE Review Course gives you exactly what you need to stay on track while studying, and will give you the skill and confidence to pass the PE Exam.

Steve Steneck

The practice problems in the course were great.  I was able to read them clearly and they really helped on the exam.  I fell very confident about the exam and I would recommend these practice problems to anyone studying the exam!.


This exam and course helped me identify my weakest areas and determine where I need to spend more time.  The water resources and geotech questions were particularly helpful.  This is course is a great tool for studying and for the price it is a steal.

Drew Thum, P.E.

Your videos and practice problems were the key to my success!!

Trudy Morrey, P.E.

Your practice breadth and depth exams provide different questions that are completely explained, easy to follow and very much like the actual exam.  I would recommend the course and exams to anyone!

Adrian R., P.E.

The material found on  your site was extremely helpful.  I've taken other review courses, which were significantly more expensive; and while they contained very good information, the explanations were not very good, and the information was excessive for this exam.  I feel some other courses are misleading as to what to expect from this exam.  I felt that your course was much more beneficial because the content is pertinent and your explanations are thorough while being concise.

Antonio M., P.E.

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John Doe
UI/UX Designer

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  • Over 150 Video Practice Problems​
  • Bonus:  Two Free 40-question Breadth Exams
  • Bonus:  20 Additional Theory Problems
  • Bonus:  The Ultimate Homework Planner- assignments to get you setup for success
  • Bonus: Top 5 Free Internet Resources to Pass the PE


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If you aren't happy with the course, it's content, or it's ability to help you take and pass the civil engineering PE exam then we will refund you 100% of the money you paid.  It's up to us to pass the test of your satisfaction.